Winter Wedding Advantages

  1. Winter Weddings Have Stunning Photos – wedding photos with snow dusted landscapes are breathtaking!  The added fur or coat can make the pictures so unique.  Many photographers talk about how slightly overcast or partly cloudy is the best lighting which you get more of in the winter months.  

  2. Less Stress – Having your winter wedding outside of the traditional “wedding season” can decrease the amount of stress one may encounter.  Everything from rainy weather, humidity, available dates to prime time pricing.  

  3. Less Humidity – your hair and makeup will thank you!  Won’t have to worry about a sweaty shine while you say I do or take photos.  Don’t have to worry about any issues inside our venue as it is completely temperature controlled for heat (and AC in case the party is really hopping!).  

  4. More Available Dates and Rates For Winter Weddings- if you are looking for a Saturday wedding day the winter months tend to give you more availability and many times with a better rate. Rentals during January through March at The Legacy are less and other vendors may do the same!  

  5. Cheaper Travel and Accommodations – while many airlines and hotels are in peak season during the summer and fall, winter wedding rates can be significantly cheaper.  This is a big win here in Buffalo to not have to compete against all the Bills fans coming into town for the games.  (Go Bills!) Out of town guests can also take advantage of all the fun winter activities we have here – a plus of those Southerners that don’t get to experience them yearly! Check Out Suggested Hotels Here.

  6. The Wedding Fatigue – let’s be serious, peak wedding season can be tiring for everyone.  The summer and fall months can get filled up with multiple weddings for you and your guests which leads to that “wedding fatigue.”  There is a chance that your wedding will be one of the only events they attend in that month with high energy and excitement.  That can also lead to more YES RSVP’s! 

Buffalo Region Winter Wedding Offer:

Having your wedding with us at The Legacy on Eighteenmile Creek during the winter months has just as many benefits (if not more) as any other time of the year.  Everything listed on Our Pricing Page is included in our discounted rental price!  We are also adding some extra FREE services during these months! Call For Details: 716-954-3985 ask For Bridgette Prno Now Booking for December – March, 31, 2024

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